We believe in the total holistic aspect of dentistry. A beautiful, healthy smile is always our goal, but more than that, we strive for facial harmony and a functional bite.

Our primary focus is on preventive care and addressing small problems before they become big problems. We all know that we should see a medical doctor and dentist for regular check-ups. However, it is recommended that you also consult an orthodontist (no later than the age of 7), as certain problems cannot be recognized by non-specialists. The jaw joints and how the teeth fit together during normal biting are very important in long-term dental stability and results are best if corrected early. Whatever your current treatment needs, we will always make the extra effort to inform you of your overall dental health.

What Makes Us


  • Our Chief Orthodontist and Award winning International Dental team are both US trained doctors. They bring to Shanghai the most current and sophisticated techniques and procedures available in the world
  • We have an English, French Mandarin, ,and Cantonese speaking customer service team customer service team to provide excellent service to you and your family.