Why Invisalign® Is a Good Choice for Your Child

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Does your child have crooked teeth, but does not want to wear traditional metal braces? Have you considered Invisalign® treatment or other brands of invisible aligners? Are you hesitant because you think they’re just for adults?

Invisalign® is a safe and highly effective orthodontic solution for kids. In fact, there are Invisalign® aligners designed just for children. We’ve outlined the benefits of Invisalign® treatment for children, along with some considerations and warnings.

What is Invisalign®?

Invisalign®, which is a popular substitute for traditional braces, is a system using plastic trays rather than metal brackets. These trays move the teeth, working just as traditional metal braces do. These trays apply mechanical force onto the teeth to move them in different ways from traditional braces. However, the results are often similar and in some cases, even superior.

8 Benefits of Invisalign®

1. Easier Dental Maintenance

One of the main perks of Invisalign® aligners over metal braces is they make it easier for your child’s teeth to remain clean. Your child doesn’t have to use a waterpik® or special type of toothbrush to clean between the teeth. All they have to do is simply remove the aligners, and brush and floss as normal.

2. Works Faster

Another huge benefit of Invisalign® is that these aligners work faster. This is thanks to proprietary technology. How fast do they work? Of course, this can depend on the patient. While many people notice changes during the latter part of the treatment, others are able to see results after only a few weeks.

3. Shows if They are Being Worn Properly

As a parent, you can know if your child has been correctly wearing their aligners. The little blue compliance indicators on each aligner tray fades as your child wears the aligners. It’s saliva that triggers the color change. So, kids aren’t able to fool their parents and the orthodontist by just running the aligners under water.

4. More Comfortable

Most likely, one of the main reasons why many kids prefer Invisalign® to metal braces is because they’re painless. Just think about how there aren’t any broken brackets or annoying pokey wires to irritate your child’s mouth.

5. No Restrictions on Food

If your child is like most kids, they enjoy munching on crunchy chips, popcorn and other yummy stuff that you normally can’t eat with metal braces. The good news is that eating your favorite foods is not a problem for kids who wear Invisalign® aligners.

6. More Confidence

It’s tragic that often children wearing traditional braces are targets for bullying. As a result, they feel self-conscious about their appearance, which can steal their smile. When a child wears Invisalign® braces, they can smile with confidence. Most people won’t even know they are wearing them.

7. Ideal for Challenging Cases

What about more complicated dental conditions, such as kids with an aggressive bite? Can they wear Invisalign® aligners? Yes, thanks to modern technology, along with the expertise of our Shanghai team of great doctors. Invisalign® aligners can work for even more challenging dental situations.

8. Affordable

Usually, the cost for Invisalign® treatments is similar to the cost for regular braces. Just be sure to check to see if your insurance plan covers them.

Other Considerations and Warnings

  • Consider that even young children who still don’t have their permanent teeth can begin treatment.
  • Too often, kids lose their dental appliance. For others, they’re just not that motivated to keep it in. But for many youngsters, Invisalign® is an ideal option. Consider how many young children develop staining from metal braces or develop cavities. Your child can easily remove Invisalign® aligners so that their teeth can be cleaned thoroughly daily.
  • When deciding between Invisalign® and traditional metal braces, consider your lifestyle and child. For example, is your family often on-the-go and needs the freedom of eating a wide selection of foods? Would your child rather have a more inconspicuous orthodontic solution for fixing their misaligned teeth?
  • Consider that by giving children the decision to choose the type of braces they want, it can help them take the responsibility more seriously.
  • Invisalign® is superior for certain types of tooth movements. But in selective cases, traditional braces may be advantageous. So, it’s always a good idea to check with our orthodontists to see which treatment option they recommend.
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